Monday, June 23, 2014

Blog Hop with a Difference!

I have to confess I was completely blown away when Heather contacted me about this...Blog Hop with a Difference and still am! I'm super honoured and somewhat a good way ;) to be on her list of participants. I'm a huge admirer of her gorgeous work, so am very delighted :) CLICK HERE to see and read more about Heather and her gorgeous creations...they truly are amazing! I've been lucky enough to work with Heather on a couple of Creative Teams. She has been a big supporter of me and my's a friendship that I treasure wholeheartedly.
Getting to know me...

1. What I am working on right now?
Well other than a bit of secret squirrel stuff, which will be revealed at the beginning of the month...I've been playing simply for myself! This layout was for last months colour challenge #25 over @ Kreative Koncepts, but sadly time got away from me and I missed the cut-off date...

Photo credit to the lovely Lisa Oxley, thank you so much for this priceless photo from Camp Mojo 2013. Scrapping this layout simply made me happy :) remembering this very gorgeous lady, and the amazing inspiration & friendship that she gives! I love creating mixed media I've taken inspiration from Christin aka Umenorskan, as she creates some amazing backgrounds, as well as layouts! Some close up details...

I have to confess, the microbeads frustrated me no end...more of them are rolling around on and under my desk than on the layout ;)

2. How long does it take to complete a project?
That really does depend...on timing and mood! This one above happened over at least a week, possibly more, but there are also times when they come together in a matter of hours.

3. What are my favourite things to create with at the moment?
As I said previously, I love creating my own backgrounds so my top 'go to' items are most certainly stencils...absolutely love them! Teamed with mists, distress inks and paints, and texture paste...I love to layer different stencils with the various mediums. I also love stamping, doilies and most recently sequins. I do still love my patterned paper, which I like to layer under the photo, it's a great way to use up scraps.

4. How does my creative process work?
Again, that really depends...most times I'll start with a photo, but there are also times, especially if I'm meeting a challenge I'll actually start with the base of a layout then find a photo to match and then embellish. I do have days when all I do is create backgrounds using mists, texture paste and stencils, with the idea of having a 'layout starter', but I discovered a couple of months ago that I had over 100 backgrounds waiting to create into layouts!!!

5. How do I become inspired and stay inspired?
My greatest inspiration comes from the desire to record my family's memories, including the mundane and the everyday life! I've always loved photograghy and keeping a diary, so scrapbooking has simply combined the two. As well as being inspired by the desire to scrap my family photos, I'm also inspired simply by wanting to create with a certain product. Scrapbooking has become my creative outlet, my to speak, many times I include hidden journaling because it's not for all eyes to see, but I feel it's important at the time to record. As for outside inspiration...there is oodles of inspiration out on the web! There is such amazing talent out there, from people all over the world who are happy to share what they do and love. I'm really loving videos at the moment...I love to see how people put their layouts together...the process of a layout, that's what I also love about retreats, other than the social side of them ;)

This is a sentimental layout for me, it was one I completed for SBM Masters a couple of years ago and I was lucky enough to receive an Honorable Mention. It was a couple of months till the 20th anniversary of my father's death, so it was something that was important for me to do. It made me realise how important it was to take family selfie's of us all together, not just me behind the camera, as I don't have many photos of my father and I together.

6. What is my signature style?
Haha I always find this question really hard! I have to say I'm rather taken with Heather's description..."Paula has a beautiful arty style. Her creations are magical and enchanting with lots of texture and distressing on glorious background work." Like I said...totally blown away by such an amazing compliment :)

Now onto the lovely friends joining me with this Blog Hop...these ladies have been such a wonderful support and I'm lucky enough to be on a Creative Team with them currently, they certainly make it a lot of fun! 

Catie Kennedy
I admire Catie personally as well as creatively! Her creations are always full of wonderful texture, layers and colour! I love her backgrounds, she uses a variety of mediums...some I've never heard of before ;) I love to learn new stuff! I adore her use of flowers, always such beautiful clusters!

Sue Plumb
I've followed Sue's amazing journey with her adorable kids and am seriously in awe of how she juggles life! She also uses wonderful colour and texture in her creations and has beautiful attention to detail! Again, I'm drawn to her use of medium in her backgrounds, she uses lots of flowers, butterflies and her cute buttons! 

These two lovely ladies will post to their blog next monday, the be sure to check them out then and also in the meantime. Also check out Heather's post from last week and see who else she linked to. 
Thank you for stopping always, thank you for your lovely comments! I do appreciate the time you take to leave me one x
Happy scrapping! 


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed visiting your blog on this hop, Paula. Thanks so much for asking me to join in. I just adore your layout about the gorgeous Ms Lou at the retreat. It's always interesting to read about what inspires people and how they go about their creative process. LOL about the 100 background pages... do you think you'll use them all? Thanks so much about your lovely comments. Don't quite know how I'm going to follow you and Heather!! xxx

  2. Awesome Paula! Loved reading about your creative life and had a bit of a giggle about the 100 backgrounds. Sounds a bit like my Journal page backgrounds, LOL! although I don't have quite that many. Thoroughly enjoyed your post!! ox

  3. you are one of my favorites.
    i love your style.
    you deserve this !

  4. wow wow wow my gorgeous friend Paula, this is just magical. your work is always so unique and arty and somewhat whimsical .. I love your use of colors and this has let me into your heart a little more... thanks for being on this blog hop with a difference xoxoxoxo

  5. Really, really fun looking at your scrappy process...& what inspires you & I reckon I'd take Heather's description & TATOO it on myself......well deserved, & spot on praise indeedy:):):

  6. What a fabulous post Paula! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I'm up in a couple of weeks on the blog hop too - I'd better get cracking!

  7. Really lovely to know a bit more about you, your creations look wonderful.. congrats on being a part of this blog hop!

  8. Oh my, love the vibrant and bold use of colour. The pages just shout out it's good to be alive!. I share your frustration with the micro beads, mine end up everywhere except on the page. So glad I found your blog through our mutual uber talented friend Heather. :D

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank my dear friend for your kind words. I always find it a little amazing that I manage to inspire anyone else, let alone from someone who inspires ME! Heather's description of your work is perfect and it is your "beautiful arty style" that I always love about your creations. I have long been an admirer of your use of mists, colour & layering and like to think that a little piece of what I have learned & gained from you finds it's way into my work. Aside from the "hands on" side of our craft, one of my favourite things is that it brings me wonderful friends like you, and that we can all share & learn from each other. So thank you for sharing so much about yourself and thank you again for including me. XXX

  10. So fun to learn a little about you and your creative process! Really adore that stunning page above! The palette is so soft and feminine and utterly delicious, and all those layered mixed media bits add such great depth and intense interest. Love!